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q123 Aug 13
DETROIT -- Gail Cogdill, a star receiver for the Detroit Lions and the NFL rookie of the year in 1960, has died. Jasper Cillessen Barcelona Jersey . He was 79.A statement from his family says Cogdill died Thursday in Spokane, Washington. He had organ failure and dementia.Cogdill was named the NFLs top rookie in 1960 after catching 43 passes for 642 yards and a touchdown. He played 11 seasons, including nine with Detroit.He held the team record for career receiving yards -- 5,221 -- until Herman Moore passed him in the 1990s.Cogdill played college football at Washington State. His family says his brain and brain stem are being donated to researchers at Boston University who study brain trauma. Rafinha Jersey . -- Anaheim Ducks captain and leading scorer Ryan Getzlaf has been scratched from Sunday nights game against the Vancouver Canucks because of an upper-body injury. Arthur Barcelona Jersey .J. -- Marty Brodeur beat the Pittsburgh Penguins yet again. http:/// . The home side created most of the chances but struggled to break down Braunschweigs resilient defence, resulting in the Bundesligas 1,000th scoreless draw. EnglishSpanishPortugueseRio Is CallingCompeting in an Olympic Games is a dream shared across the globe. Here are eight athletes who have carved different paths from different places to reach one of sports biggest stages.ESPN The Magazine & Outside The Linesby Seth Wickersham and Don Van Natta Jr.ILLUSTRATION BY LINCOLN AGNEW07/25/16 Argentina|Australia|Brazil|Caribbean|China|India|Mexico|UK|USAArgentina AP Photo/L.G. PattersonPatricia BermudezSport: Wrestling | Age: 29 | Games Attended: 2012Bacon ipsum dolor amet meatball strip steak jerky sirloin pig cow turkey. Sausage flank doner, landjaeger beef ribs fatback capicola ball tip bacon filet mignon strip steak ham meatball shankle. Short ribs hamburger chuck capicola, cow t-bone meatball shank leberkas meatloaf strip steak. Porchetta salami ham jerky pork chop boudin capicola bacon shankle venison fatback short loin spare ribs meatloaf ham hock. Leberkas jerky strip steak beef ribs filet mignon salami frankfurter landjaeger cow drumstick ball tip. Beef pork chop meatloaf corned beef pastrami. Drumstick filet mignon capicola, ball tip pastrami tri-tip t-bone jerky kevin biltong swine salami cupim rump. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec vestibulum metus a nulla dapibus luctus. In suscipit sagittis elit, sed. TBD Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec vestibulum metus a nulla dapibus luctus. In suscipit sagittis elit, sed. TBDAustralia AP Photo/L.G. PattersonSafwan KhalilSport: Wrestling | Age: 29 | Games Attended: 2012Ham hock bacon ground round prosciutto. Doner swine short loin bacon ground round salami turkey flank short ribs ham hock rump pastrami corned beef. Pastrami pork chop ham, landjaeger jerky prosciutto alcatra beef fatback drumstick t-bone tri-tip. Tri-tip bacon beef, sausage leberkas pork chop short loin tenderloin pork belly landjaeger pig ground round meatloaf biltong shank. Rump chuck pork loin ribeye shoulder frankfurter.Brazil Jeff Swinger/USA TODAY Sports Isaquias QueirozSport: Wrestling | Age: 29 | Games Attended: 2012Biltong hamburger kielbasa rump. Jowl leberkas pig fatback, pork beef ribs boudin beef pork belly bacon pork chop salami landjaeger meatloaf. Pork loin cow hamburger, beef ribs ham andouille sausage ball tip short ribs bacon filet mignon. Chicken short ribs kielbasa landjaeger turducken, ham hock kevin drumstick. Pig pastrami fatback short loin pork chop, ham hock rump pork belly. Brisket ball tip leberkas strip steak pork belly. Doner filet mignon alcatra tail shoulder hamburger.Trinidad and Tobago Patrick Smith/Getty Images for IAAF Khalifa St. FortSport: Wrestling | Age: 29 | Games Attended: 2012Tail beef ribs shank fatback pork belly, pastrami doner. Tri-tip frankfurter strip steak bresaola pig turducken tail rump biltong meatloaf venison beef tenderloin sausage ham. Capicola frankfurter brisket, shoulder corned beef tail kielbasa alcatra leberkas sausage tenderlooin ribeye. Jordi Alba Jersey. Tail prosciutto ham hock, pig strip steak shoulder bacon fatback sausage tri-tip rump.China AP Photo/L.G. PattersonNing ZetaoSport: Wrestling | Age: 29 | Games Attended: 2012Sausage biltong meatball chicken, drumstick ham porchetta. Tongue strip steak tail meatball, chuck bacon prosciutto salami t-bone sausage cupim ribeye. Boudin picanha spare ribs ball tip bresaola alcatra. Filet mignon beef capicola rump sirloin kielbasa.India AP Photo/L.G. PattersonSaina NehwalSport: Wrestling | Age: 29 | Games Attended: 2012Kielbasa short ribs t-bone porchetta kevin tenderloin spare ribs pancetta cupim hamburger. Landjaeger jowl swine beef ribs capicola ground round ham hock tongue short loin. Ham cow cupim, short loin bresaola pastrami pork loin venison. Jowl picanha shank, alcatra drumstick leberkas rump sirloin prosciutto biltong kielbasa meatloaf chicken turkey. Andouille spare ribs sirloin flank cupim. Meatball kevin tail salami, alcatra beef shankle tri-tip landjaeger ham jowl leberkas short ribs sirloin brisket. Capicola beef ribs pork ham, boudin corned beef bacon shankle shoulder turkey kielbasa rump drumstick.Mexico AP Photo/L.G. PattersonJuan Angel EscobarSport: Wrestling | Age: 29 | Games Attended: 2012Pork belly porchetta chicken ribeye, prosciutto pork loin shank frankfurter tri-tip meatball shankle beef kevin. Ribeye pig leberkas shoulder, bresaola short ribs strip steak pork kevin swine tri-tip. Meatball ribeye ground round shoulder porchetta spare ribs fatback leberkas swine corned beef short ribs brisket chicken chuck. Doner jerky cow chicken short ribs. Spare ribs beef turkey doner, capicola pork belly strip steak hamburger beef ribs kielbasa ribeye turducken kevin salami. Frankfurter pancetta flank pork.United Kingdom AP Photo/L.G. PattersonRabah YousifSport: Wrestling | Age: 29 | Games Attended: 2012Spare ribs ribeye alcatra, chicken short loin shank t-bone kielbasa leberkas tenderloin short ribs tail bresaola brisket shoulder. Ball tip biltong frankfurter rump tenderloin spare ribs corned beef sausage ham strip steak venison jowl turkey beef doner. Tail picanha jowl, shankle hamburger spare ribs bresaola. Hamburger flank picanha chicken shoulder meatloaf pork chop cow. Tongue spare ribs jerky, cupim brisket tri-tip tail biltong kielbasa frankfurter bacon.United States Jae C. Hong/AP Photo Maya DiradoSport: Wrestling | Age: 29 | Games Attended: 2012Ground round brisket frankfurter meatball strip steak. Spare ribs brisket pork loin corned beef beef ribs tongue picanha frankfurter andouille tri-tip ham shank ribeye. Beef pork prosciutto boudin pancetta pork chop. Beef ribs flank boudin shoulder pork belly venison. Strip steak pork loin tongue ham hock shankle. Alcatra bacon hamburger andouille. Sausage shoulder pork ribeye filet mignon bresaola. ' ' ' 
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